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Advisory board

Borislav is Partner at Innovation Accelerator Bulgaria. Since 2009, he serves as Executive Director of the Bulgarian Investment Agency. He was Director of Sales and Development of “Lada Image” and worked at Boston Consulting Group in Moscow.


Borislav Stefanov

Innovation Accelerator

Daniel is the CEO of Rosslyn Capital Partners. In his many years of experience as an investment and credit analyst, Daniel has held positions in ING Bank Amsterdam and Sofia and Citibank Bulgaria.


Daniel Alexandrov

Rosslyn Capital Partners

Daniel is Partner at BrightCap Ventures. He has held leadership positions at Mercury Interactive, sold for $4.5bn. He also founded the company OPTiiM, which grew to operate in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


Daniel Lorer

BrightCap Ventures

Dimitar has been Managing Partner at PostScriptum Ventures since 2014. He is an investment manager with over ten years of experience, mainly in the renewable energy sector.


Dimitar Enchev

PostScriptum Ventures

Ivailo is Managing Partner at BlackPeak Capital. He has been working as a finance professional for the last 20 years. In his career, he has held positions at some of the largest financial and marketing consulting firms.


Ivailo Gospodinov

BlackPeak Capital

Momchil is CEO of Endeavor Bulgaria. He has over 25 years of experience in management and business development. He is also a Co-founder and Co-owner of the bio-tech company, Proviti.


Momchil Vasilev

Endeavor Bulgaria

Pavel is a Managing Partner at Morningside Hill. He has professional experience in hedge fund management and investment consulting, as well as managing private equity fund in Nigeria and the US.


Pavel Velkov

Morningside Hill

From 2002 to 2004 Pavel was Executive Director of the Bulgarian Investment Agency. He also worked at Deutsche Bank's Investment Banking Unit in London as a Senior Corporate Finance Specialist. Currently, he is Partner at NEVEQ and NEO Ventures.


Pavel Ezekiev


Tihomir is Investment Manager at Empower Capital with over 8 years of experience in private equity and public equity markets. Previously, Tihomir has worked as equity portfolio manager at DSK-Rodina with assets under management over €600mln.


Tihomir Dyankov

Empower Capital

Prior to founding Urban Impact Ventures, Hans was CEO of ACTIAM NV, a leading Sustainable and Impact asset manager with €65bn of Assets under Management; and at leading positions at ING.


Hans van Houwelingen

Urban Impact Ventures

Max has been around Sofia's entrepreneurship scene since the early days, and has helped shape the local community through his work at Eleven and a number of angel syndicates. Connecting Bulgaria with Silicon Valley, London, and the rest of Eastern Europe is his credo.


Max Gurvits

Vitosha Venture Partners

Managing Partner at Sofia Angels Ventures, co-investing in scalable startups alongside angels, family offices, and other private investors.


Milen Ivanov

Sofia Angels Venures

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