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Конференция в Скопие на тема предприемачество на Балканите

North Macedonia’s Chamber of Commerce and Creative Hub organised the first edition of “Balkan Entrepreneurship Summit” on 13th September 2019 in Skopje.

BVCA Chairman, Evgeny Angelov, joined a panel discussion devoted to regional knowledge on the private equity and venture capital scene and gave an overview of the Bulgarian investment ecosystem and its regional footprint. See his general presentation here.

The entrepreneurship summit is meant to unite the business elite from North Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece, for the purpose of connecting those stakeholders, aiming for mutual future co-operation. 

The pioneer event is planned to become an annual tradition and is set to be an international one. The speakers were representatives from the US, France, India, Bulgaria, Turkey and North Macedonia, who discussed the start-up potential of the Balkans. Their background was in venture capital, entrepreneurship and innovation in the tech sector and – fashion industry.

The organisers shared that they were pleased to have insights from the Bulgarian ecosystem with positive examples from the investment and entrepreneurial scene, which they saw as crucial to the event. Similarly to the event’s goal, BVCA always strives to participate in such regional conferences, establishing a positive and fruitful collaborations with partners from Southeast Europe. Read more:

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