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Parliament Magazine Reception in Brussels

Bulgaria: Dynamic, Innovative and Entrepreneurial

BVCA took part in the Parliament Magazine’s Bulgarian EU Council Presidency reception in Brussels.

Bulgaria is dynamic, innovative and entrepreneurial, has a higher percentage of women working in ICT than any other EU member state and is at the forefront of Europe’s digital transformation. These were among the key messages presented in Brussels by leading industry representatives, policymakers and business professionals from Bulgaria. A delegation of key figures from Bulgaria travelled to Brussels to share positive success stories and ecosystem achievements from their homeland.

BVCA Chairman, Evgeny Angelov, was among the distinguished guests from the Bulgarian delegation. He told the story of successfully setting up the venture capital industry in Bulgaria, which boosted innovation and entrepreneurship and economic prosperity not only in Bulgaria but in the region of Eastern Europe.

He added that the event was an opportunity, “to share some of the success stories that we’ve had in Bulgaria over the last six years. We’ve created several venture capital seed growth equity funds with structural fund money. We believe this is a better way to fund innovation, using investments rather than grants.” Angelov added, “We have one of the largest structural fund programmes that uses money in this way and so we are here today to share our positive experiences.”

Keynote speakers and organisers included: Lilyana Pavlova, Minister for the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council; Vladimir Urutchev, EPP; Eva Maydell, MEP; Sasha Bezuhanova, Move BG; Irina Staneva, Walltopia; Peter Statev, ICT Cluster Bulgaria; John Frank, Microsoft. Read more in the article from The Parliament Magazine.

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